Little Vienna Meets the City of Parks

Little Vienna Meets the City of Parks

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Blog : Little Vienna Meets the City of Parks

By : Sustainable Visit (Follow on Twitter @SustainVisit) | Date : 2014-11-05

Little Vienna Meets the City of Parks

Known across the country as "Little Vienna," Timisoara is one of the largest cities in Romania. Throughout history, the city has received various influences from the surrounding nations, an aspect which can be seen today in the different neighborhoods that make up the city.

In order to aid their trade routes, early inhabitants created the Bega canal, which still stands out today as an impressive landmark. Built on marshes, some of its buildings are supported by hundreds of oak logs.

Due to its geographical situation, the mild climate of Timisoara provides a great environment for enjoying the city's parks. With over 100 parks and recreational spaces, Timisoara is also known as the City of Parks. Residents come to the parks to reflect, mingle and relax. Visitors can opt for a boat ride on the Bega Canal, or ride a bike throughout the city and its outskirts (especially through the Green Forest, located in the northern part of town).

After you've enjoyed a day's worth of sightseeing and outdoor activities, it will be time to find food. Check out the wholesome slow food scene in Timisoara with an organic and vegetarian meal.

A great place to get a sustainable meal is Timisoara's Bio Fresh Restaurant. Located between two city squares, in the heart of the city, the restaurant offers a wide variety of food and beverages. You can find anything from soups, pasta, green shakes, and sandwiches, to coffee, tea, and even desert.

Finish your green escapade in Timisoara with some of the best tasting food in town.

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By : S.McCain | Date : 2014-10-21|04:38:02

I'm so glad I decided to visit Timisoara! My boyfriend was looking for interesting cities in the Eastern Europe and chose Timisoara; we've never been to Romania so this was even more exciting. Agreed, this country isn't a popular destination but we were captivated by the beautiful buildings and friendly people.