5 Youtube Channels Worth Subscribing to for #Sustainability Learning

5 Youtube Channels Worth Subscribing to for #Sustainability Learning

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Blog : 5 Youtube Channels Worth Subscribing to for #Sustainability Learning

By : Elisse Lorenc (Follow on Twitter @ElisseLorenc) | Date : 2017-01-28

5 Youtube Channels Worth Subscribing to for #Sustainability Learning

I think it’s a fair assumption that everyone reading this blog has watched a youtube video, and I think that’s fantastic. Youtube provides a great platform for people to publicly share their ideas around the world in a unique and interactive format, and I give credit where credit is due to anyone who contributes to it. There are countless channels out there dedicated to educating people on a variety of topics from DIY’s, history, politics, to even the awesome topic of sustainability. So today I want to share some channels that would definitely interest the eco-savvy.


Sustainability Illustrated looks to be a pretty new channel, but the channel discusses sustainability and sustainable development. What’s great about this channel? It has videos in several different languages and educates in engaging animation similar to something you would see on TEDTalks.


Wildlife Aid is a channel I’ve subscribed to for a couple of years now, and I thoroughly enjoy every video they share. The Wildlife Foundation, or Wildlife Aid, rescues local wildlife in the UK. Their channel consists of their rescues and progress of rehabilitating wildlife. I usually learn something about wildlife conservation from their videos, such as don’t leave out trash unattended, or that even the most unsuspecting things in your neighborhood can be hazardous to wildlife. Although sometimes very graphic, this channel serves to remind everyone to mindful of the wildlife that surrounds us.


RobGreenfield.TV teaches through a variety of videos about sustainable living. A very friendly guy who offers several videos ranging from how to compost, effectively managing your waste, growing food with rainwater, tiny house lifestyle, dumpster diving, and a LOT more. He also posts videos highlighting other people and their sustainable endeavors, and sustainable programs to get involved with. Overall? A positive cool dude with positive videos.


AmazingEarth highlights all the beautiful wonders that nature has to offer, as well as some educational videos that cover a variety of sustainable topics. This channel provides unique insights to sustainable solutions, such as Polyculture Agriculture, a more advanced take on sustainable agriculture, and effective permaculture gardening. Loaded with beautiful cinematography and interesting facts, there’s easily something enjoyable to watch.


Ok, this one is a mouthful, but Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens is all about, you guessed it, organic gardening. This channel has an impressive amount of videos to choose from, and has just about everything you need to know about gardening. John, who is the star of the channel, talks about everything from what compost to use, to vital vegetables to grow, to useful tools and techniques, and even shares detailed videos about specific crops and what you can do with them. This guy definitely earned a sub from me, as I’m eager to get started on my own garden.


It’s really encouraging to see a variety of youtube channels dedicated to teaching sustainability to the masses. I prefer learning something via video as I am a visual, interactive learner, and Youtube is just a great resource to educate people. I hope these channels catch your interest, and you learn something new as I surely will. Enjoy the show!

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