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About Us



SustainableVisit's mission is to save the planet, one trip at a time.

We enable people worldwide to make sustainable travel and lifestyle decisions.

This site will help you factor sustainability and responsible travel into various travel decisions: restaurants, accommodation, tours, museums, and other attractions. SustainableVisit sources from research and the crowd, based on quadruple bottom line principles: society, environment, economy, and future generations.

Register now to add, rate, and comment on sustainable travel suggestions worldwide. Virtual points are given for each suggestion. We conduct contests with prizes for the top point earners.

Have a great sustainable visit wherever you are!


SustainableVisit would like to thank the following contributors to the SustainableVisit crowdfunding campaign who we proudly place on the Susty Wall:

- Marilyn Agbeko

- Russell Leidich

- Anonymous x 3